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Where to Get a Yorkie

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Yorkshire Terriers are the second most popular dog in the world. They are extremely popular among people who have small children, allergy concerns and smaller homes.

The tendency for their popularity creates a high demand for Yorkies. This demand creates a higher price, but they are always available.

Many people choose to adopt or purchase from a breeder. This is the more expensive route, but these dogs are usually the most healthy and most likely to have proper features that a Yorkie should possess.

To purchase a dog, you can go to many different websites and call a breeder in your area.

Most breeders usually do background checks and are very particular about what type of environment they are putting their dogs into.

I have provided some links on the homepage to check out where to adopt/purchase a Yorkshire Terrier or look for a breeder in your area!

Here is a video that goes through some precautions you should take when buying a teacup/average sized yorkie...

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